Each project is unique and requires a diversified expertise, which is why ARTOTECH INTEGRATION offers a flexible and customized team that will respond quickly to your special requests. Whatever your project is, we will respond with our team of experienced professionals who stand out for their exceptional creativity, attention to detail and their great adaptability.

We answer to a range of services from a pre-project assessment, equipment or scenographic design, project management for construction and fabrication, to proper functioning and human resource training for operating new equipment and construction.


Technical design, conception and engineering

  • Technical design, plans and technical riders
  • Scenography and stage equipment, rigging and motorization

Project management

  • Budget analysis and assessment of needs
  • Management of sub-contractors, deadlines and budgets
  • Operating systems and charts

Integration from scenic to construction site management

  • Interface between the various participants before and during work on site
  • Plans and specifications to compliance with laws and codes
  • Coordination of architectural plans and engineering
  • Construction site supervision

Manufacturing and scenic design management

  • Manufacturing management or supervision of infrastructures, stage sets, amenities, displays, furniture, scenes or kiosks
  • Ensuring compliance with building codes and other safety regulations and laws
  • Design of hanging equipment for structures and mechanical stages

Installation Services

  • Management and Logistics of transportation and installation
  • Planning and management labor
  • Integration of module sets and equipment
  • Activation of equipment and installations
  • Training and periodic maintenance


General Contracting Licence from Régie du Bâtiment du Québec: # 5635-6603-01
ETCP Recognized labor provider