Cable Management ETC

ARTOTECH INTÉGRATION is a proud supplier of Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) which offers a range of rigging products to accommodate the unique needs of your production space and budget. ETC RIgging’s motorized hoists and hoist-control systems raise your theater technology, including stage curtains, lighting equipment, backdrops, projection screens and more.

Rigging Systems: Cable management, hoists and battens that help improve the level safety and efficiently that you need with compact fixed and variable-speed hoist systems.

Controlers: Move and monitor battens with our simple, inexpensive and full-featured control systems.

Accessories: Adapt your rigging to your exact needs with many accessories.



Download the complete catalog of ETC Rigging: Catalog_US_2015

ARTOTECH INTEGRATION, Authorized Distributor of ETC Rigging products.etc